Events previously run by the Reading Tree Wardens

The Reading Tree Warden Network organise an annual programme of walks, talks, training and support the extensive tree planting programme across Reading.

Below is the flavour of some of the previous events we held.

Visit to Burnham Beeches

In November 2012, Reading Tree Wardens headed to Burnham Beeches for an excellent guided walk by Conservation Officer, Helen Read. Helen talked about the ingenious ways in which these trees had adapted to survive for centuries, and also about the interaction between wildlife, domestic farm animals, and this ancient habitat.

Forestry at Windsor Great Park

In May 2013 Derick Stickler, former Chief Forester of the Windsor Estate, took Reading Tree Wardens on a fascinating walk round Windsor Great Park to show us some of the issues dealt with in forestry.

Public Lectures

For our annual public lecture in 2014, Jill Barker, Conservation Adviser to the Woodland Trust and enthusiast for the protection of Veteran and Ancient trees, talked about how to recognise these very old trees and record them on the Woodland Trust "Ancient Tree Hunt"website.

Fungi in the woodlands

Mycologist Gordon Crutchfield taking Reading Tree Wardens on a fungus walk in Clayfield Copse,Caversham. We saw how many varieties of fungus could be found in a very small space!

Tree Planting: World War 1 commemorative tree planting

Each year, Reading Tree Wardens engage in a tree planting project. In 2014-2015 we worked with local schools to plant a commemorative tree. Here we see the Head, staff, governors and students of Blessed Hugh Faringdon school holding a tree planting and blessing event.

Learning about Veteran and Ancient trees

In the Spring of 2015, complementing Jill Butler's public lecture, Dave Kenny led Reading Tree Wardens on a walk round the beautiful Crowsley Park north of Reading to study close up the magnificent Ancient and Veteran trees there.